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More Resources:
Modern Kits is updating valuable resources as we find them. We hope that this will enable you to go to your local zoning or building inspector and show them how Green Building is being supported. Education is good for everyone!

Green CountiesGreen Resources- Greywater, Green Incentives, What other states and countries are doing
Is your county approved for Greywater Systems? Smart Growth? Rainwater Collection? Do you offer Energy-efficient Tax Credits? Are Composting Toilets approved? List your green-friendly county or state resources here! Our visitors flock to counties that regard recycling and conservation as highly as they do! Click here to tell us why your county should be listed.

What Is YOUR State Doing?
Click here to learn about programs and partnerships in your state!

Educate YOUR Area!
By sending your local representatives the manuals and outlines of what other states and counties are doing, you encourage them to rethink their zoning and green building initiatives.