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Non-electric appliances? Off the grid cooking?
Well heck, why not? Bring a little farm practicality and non-electric ease into your day. Don't forget: Modern IS Timeless. Let the sun cook your goodies, explore time-tested kitchens, or just increase the number of non-electric appliances you use. We realize not everyone will be into churning their butter and milling their grain. But isn't it fun to know you could?

I have caught a lot of flak from my ever-analytical soul mate who says, "Well, who the heck would have an electric cookie press anyway so why is this better?" So I revise this: This is just a page of good, solid, kitchen appliances, and energy efficient options to what you might currently be using. Let the cookin' begin!

StovesGreen Resources- Greywater, Green Incentives, What other states and countries are doing
  • Solar Cookers: environmentally friendly Solar cookers are now much more durable with higher temperatures.
  • Wood Burning Stoves: Peruse a selection of wood stoves for those of you that are living off the grid. I particularly like the Pioneer Maid.

Green Refrigerators and Freezers
From large energy-efficient tanks to tankless water heaters.

Practical, Easy, Energy-Efficient Staples
  • Yogurt Making Supplies Why make your own yogurt? I'll tell you why. Are you aware that the containers sold in stores are not recyclable? And how much yogurt do YOU eat?
  • Non-Electric Floor Sweeper Why use an electric dust-buster?
  • Sunlawn Reel Lawn Mower Mow your lawn without using gas!
  • Non-Electric Food Processor Now this is sturdy, tried and true. But I have to whisper out to the urban folk: Keep an eye out in thrift stores! You can find similar products cheap, cheap, cheap. But they are worth it, necessary. Once you use one you don't go back. Plus they are really fun to use. (Watch yer fingers, though!)
  • Can Opener: A simple task made easier
  • Herb Grinder
Gettin' Crafty
  • Easy, Cheap Baby Food Maker and other useful kitchen appliances.
  • Cookie Press. Really, I'm going to be a baker one day. Currently my husband is "THE BAKER." But i have ideas, you know. And when I do, I'm gonna use this cool, "looks like I know what I'm doing and i'm a pro at this" cookie press. Yes I am.
Goin' to The Farm
  • Grain Mill and more useful tools.
  • Butter Churn! A real butter churn! For those of you that wake up in the morning and say, "Hey, I want to make Some butter!"
  • For more farm tools and Information head on ovah Here!